Skyscan engineers have been creating airframes from scratch since 2010. This new UAV concept was developed envisioning the future UAV´s,  especially in what concerns heavy lifting applications, long distance coverage and flights under severe weather conditions when compared to civilian UAV's currently available on the market. Special attention to safety details and also to legal requirements based on ultralight aircraft legislation has been a major concern. 

The SS- UR Oracle is already prepared for the upcoming changes regarding the power supply evolution. Both high density fuel cells and Li-S cells were thoroughly investigated prior to the technical design. The main structure can be customized up to 100Kg as MTOW. 

Skyscan engineers designed the SS-UR Oracle bearing in mind the 3 applications presented below which share the same technology, despite having different tools for each purpose.

It also leaves you free and welcome to ask questions about other possible use of the SS- UR Oracle according to your type of business






Your company will be brought to the forefront of logistics and cargo transportation.

The SS-UR-ORACLE aircraft is a pioneer in both control and navigation systems. It operates according to the MAVLINK communication protocol by using the internet 3G or 4G LTE connected to the ground control station. The mobile system was extensively tested and firmly approved to run by using the firmware adapted only for SkyScan UAS Engineering excluding the limitations and problems associated to the use of those radio frequencies legally limited by the competent authorities around the world. 

Even in remote areas without 3/4G communications, it may be prepared and equipped with SATCom.


As well as for cargo, the agriculture chemical spraying unit can also be equipped with a propulsion system capable of flying with a recommended maximum payload of 30 kg. 

The standard version is equipped with a 30L capacity tank and able to fly up to 30 min.

It is also equipped with a ground control station protected by fingerprints to ensure that the UAV will fly only with authorized operators. In the package is also included a landing site with 5 infrared LEDs which allows it to land in autopilot mode with an exact precision. This unit can be sold separately whenever the company needs more than one landing location, such as cargo purposes.



It is equipped with the most advanced Autonomous Safety System. It constantly makes autonomous readings by using its on board sensors and if necessary it triggers the parachutes in a split second, even during a complete Kernel failure and maintains the GPS tracking device online for more than 48 hours. The standard version is also equipped with a Mode C transponder in order to communicate with the air traffic control. 

At this time SkyScan UAS Engineering is developing a unit equipped with Visual, Thermal, LIDAR and Ultra Violet cameras for multi-inspection purposes.





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